Bihar Two School Boys Finds Over Rs 900 Crores Credited Into Their Gramin Bank Accounts

Over Rs. 900 crore credited into the bank accounts of two children in Bihar’s Katihar and due to this not only the family of the boys but the entire village ran towards the bank to check the bank accounts. The amount deposited in the accounts of Guruchandra Vishwas and Asit Kumar is more than Rs 900 crore. Both the boys are residents of Pastia village of Bagora Panchayat in Katihar district.

The accounts of both the boys are in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank and they were hoping to get some money under a government scheme to buy school uniforms and pay for other expenses. More than Rs 62 crore has been deposited in the account of student Guruchandra Vishwas, while more than Rs 900 crore has been deposited in Asit Kumar’s account. Both the accounts belong to Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank’s Bhelaganj branch and all the villagers are still in dilemma.

Bihar Two School Boys Finds Over Rs 900 Crores Credited Into Their Gramin Bank Accounts

On knowing about the matter, bank manager Manoj Gupta was surprised and banned the withdrawal of money. The bank was then told that when the parents of the children were questioned, they too could not disclose the source of the funds. Now we are probing the matter to find out who is the sender of the money and we will update you soon about this incident.

At the time of writing this post we did not have more update on this news, so keep reading this page for more updates. Earlier also a person received huge amount in his a bank account in the Bihar state only and authorities had served various notice to him.

So this will be great new for the family of these kids but authorities have started probing this matter and they will get into the roots of this incident. After any probe if we got any update we will surely update here in this page.

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